Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry. Will & Grace is not Enough.

I've been reading a lot today about the Prop 8 trial.  Forgive me if I can't thank all the blogs that have helped me with this post.  I've read them all as well as a transcript (or at least live reports on twitter) of the proceedings.  It seems like the defendants of Prop 8 tried to use the day to prove that there is no discrimination against gay people in the US.  I would think that would be rather tough, seeing that you are defending discrimination against gay people at the trial, but hey, logic was never on the Prop 8 supporters' side.

So what is the evidence of this brave new safe and non-discriminatory world of today's LGBT folks?  In no particular order, the defense cited Will & Grace, Brokeback Mountain, and Philadelphia.   Now, not to be too critical here, but at least two of these endeavors -- Brokeback Mountain and Philadelphia -- struck a chord because they actually dealt with discrimination.   Even Will & Grace, on occasion, ventured into the political realm.  (Remember the episode where Jack and Will kiss on the Today Show?)

Could this trial get any more insane?  Next thing you know they'll be telling us to shut up about discrimination given that Cher and Liza both won Oscars.

Tom Hanks as an AIDS
patient in Philadelphia 

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