Friday, January 15, 2010

The Company He Keeps

Marriage has not been a major issue in the Massachusetts senate campaign.  Republican Scott Brown, who was one of the most outspoken opponents of marriage equality when the battle was alive at the Massachusetts State House, has tried to sidestep the issue, saying the matter is "settled" in our state.

Other groups who support Brown, disagree.

1. Perhaps the most disturbing group is Mass Resistance,  a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a "hate group" for its anti-gay activism.  An anti-gay hate group, according to the Law Center, is an organization that goes "beyond mere disagreement with homosexuality by subjecting gays and lesbians to personal vilification."

Here's something from their website.  Frankly, I wouldn't put 95% of their stuff on my blog, even as a news item.  That's how hateful it is.  So let me just stick with the facts about their support for Brown, whom they call a "very appealing candidate."  This is just the intro of a post.  Each headline leads to a full story.

Massachusetts US Senate race in dead heat as Brown's support surges!

See articles below:

1. Scott Brown in dead heat with Martha Coakley for US Senate seat. Incredible statewide grassroots effort! Bipartisan (and independent!) support fueled by outrage at status quo.

2. Martha Coakley's predictable reaction: (1) Get help from the media. (2) Sleazy attack ads. (3) Raise big money quickly from lobbyists.

3. How bad is she?  Read Martha Coakley's speech at 2007 homosexual bar association fundraiser.

2. The second group supporting Brown is the National Organization for Marriage, a group that has worked tirelessly to deny same-sex marriage rights to gay couples.  Here's something from a recent email:

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