Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Pressure on Obama Administration during Prop 8 Trial

Geoff Kors (left), Executive Director of Equality California, released a statement urging the Justice Department to issue an amicus brief supporting the elimination of Prop 8:

"The time has come for elected leaders to empower all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Once again, we call on the Obama administration to join Equality California and others in urging the federal courts to strike down this grossly unjust law. In doing so, we will bring our nation one step closer to realizing its promise of equality for all. Our country’s bedrock principles of  democracy and freedom are at stake."

The Administration's stance has become especially tricky since President Obama's words are being used  to support Proposition 8.  Unless the Justice Department comes out against Prop 8, the opponents of same-sex marriage will continue to use Candidate Obama's words opposing same-sex marriage to uphold discrimination in the California Constitution.

Now is the time, President Obama.   We need your help.

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