Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Crunch Time In Massachusetts

Although I voted for Mike Capuano in the special primary race for the senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy, I just made a contribution to the Martha Coakly campaign.  Because I have decided not to contribute to the Democratic Party or any branch of that party (you can look back at about a zillion of my posts to see why), I made my donation directly to the Coakley campaign.  Here's why.

1. Martha Coakley is a good candidate and has demonstrated time and again her support of LGBT people, reproductive rights, and many other issues important to those of us who are left of center.  She is also not afraid to disagree with President Obama, as she has over his Afghanistan policy.  She would be the 60th vote for health care reform.  And as flawed as the bill is, it is a start.

2. We are not just voting for one senator.  We are voting for control of the senate.  If Scott Brown, the Republican, wins, we are giving up that super majority for the foreseeable future.  This would be a disaster for anything President Obama wants to accomplish.  It would also be a major setback for any LGBT progress.

3. Scott Brown has been hostile to LGBT rights his entire career.  He was one of the most aggressive and vocal opponents of same-sex marriage and civil unions.  He did sponsor a bill that would restrict abortion options for victims of rape.  No matter how many times his daughters hold a press conference (as they did yesterday) to condemn Coakley for mentioning this in an ad, it is true.  Not many people have focused on Brown's temperament for the job, but I will.  He was the man who entered a high school and lectured the student body using language that the students themselves would have been suspended for using at such a forum.  I guess he was angry, I guess.  He has also raised over a million dollars over the past day or two, much of the money coming from right wing Republican groups.  Is this who we want to continue the legacy of Ted Kennedy?

A new poll just out shows the race too close to call.  This is frightening.  Vote.  Tell your friends to vote.  Tell your pets to vote. Tell strangers on the street to vote.  And give, if you can, to the Coakley campaign.

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