Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Time to Act

A friend of mine forwarded this email to me this morning.  It's time for us to act!

Yes, it really is as bad as the press is portraying the polls. If Martha loses, we lose the 60th vote.

Even more important, it will send a bone chilling message to every Democrat in Congress that their campaign could be visited by the tea baggers next. They will be ducking important issues and pursuing compromises that don't fix the problems we have. The Obama agenda will come to a dead halt. It isn't just the big issues, like health care, it is also judicial appointments and a thousand smaller decisions that are better when the  Democrats make those decisions..

If you want this country to pursue the reforms we all voted for, please consider what you can do in the next few days.

First of all, call and email your friends and family.

To volunteer to help get-out-the-vote, please consider phone banking, which you can do from your home or at a local phone bank. There are other jobs as well. Please email and the campaign staff will assign you.

Here are sample time slots for phone banking for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Election Day on Tuesday, January 19.


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