Monday, March 22, 2010

Who carries the weight in the heath care bill?

I'm happy that the health care bill passed the House of Representatives last night.  I'm also pleased that President Obama did what so many other presidents failed to do in at least starting to reform the system.  But it is still worth noting that a political body comprised mostly of heterosexual males changed some of the original language of the bill, leaving women and LGBT people to carry the weight of "compromise."

Consider the original measure in the bill that would have allowed LGBT couples to receive their health care tax free, like any other couple.  Right now, I get my health insurance from my husband's policy at work.  However, the federal government counts this benefit as taxable income because we are a gay couple.  Straight married couples are not taxed in this manner.  Originally, the health reform bill addressed this unfairness and provided for tax-free insurance for LGBT couples.  That didn't sit well with some conservatives, so the measure was struck.

Also consider that President Obama had to issue an executive order reiterating what has been federal policy for some time now: no abortions with federal dollars.  The National Organization for Women rightfully slammed this concession.  Also worthy of note is that for the most part, birth control is not covered under this plan.  Women lose again.

I was curious as to one thing, however, so I searched the internet for an answer.  And I got that answer right away.  Viagra is covered under the bill.  In fact, its inclusion never was in question.  A curious detail, to say the least, given the make up of the House of Representatives.

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  1. Great observation, about Viagra. Curious indeed.