Monday, March 22, 2010

What is CNN thinking?

Here's a story from about CNN's new racist, misogynist homophobe:

Say there's a political commentator out there who has called women's rights activists Nazis, called Michelle Obama a Marxist harpy wife, said that President Obama only won his Nobel Peace Prize because of affirmative action, and called the U.S. Department of Education's Safe Schools Czar "profoundly sick and immoral" because of his sexual orientation. Should this guy be rewarded with a promotion?

Well, if you're CNN, the answer is yes. They've just hired Erick Erickson, an editor over at, to be a political contributor on John King's new CNN show -- "John King, USA." Erickson is responsible for all of those comments above, and a whole host of other inflammatory comments that are bound to make John King's new show sound a lot more like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. Is this really what CNN wants?
Pretty disappointing, seeing that CNN has generally risen above the nastiness of some of the other stations.


  1. Ok, that is shocking and wrong. While I am far less of a CNN fan than I was a couple of years ago -- lets face it, they had Glenn Beck first, now that annoying Rick Sanchez guy -- they do try to walk the middle line. Or so I thought...

  2. I know....I used to watch it for quite some time because they were more balanced. Now I'm not so sure. I understand getting different points of view on a talk show, but you can do that without being offensive.