Friday, March 5, 2010

Same old story

This shouldn't surprise anyone.   One of the movers and shakers behind Prop 8 in California, State Senator Roy Ashburn (married, four kids), was arrested this week for drunk driving after leaving Faces, a popular Sacramento gay bar, with an unidentified male passenger.  Senator Ashburn not only worked with the Traditional Values Coalition to prevent same-sex marriage, he also voted against every LGBT rights bill while in the state legislature.

I'm trying to figure out a good spin for this one.

1. I was visiting gay bars for research.  While at Faces, I decided to take a lost soul home  to help him change his wicked ways.

2. Gay bar?  I thought it was midnight mass.

3. Faces is, and always has been, a portrait museum.

4. I am not gay.  I was was supposed to have a professional meeting with former Idaho senator Larry "restless leg syndrome" Craig in the bathroom.  I am not gay.

5. I was hoping to find a tea bagger.

6.  I was just playing Truth or Dare with Mitt Romney.

7. I was taking a break from my filibuster.

8. Hey, it was a slow night.  I didn't even meet proposition #8.

9. I heard Sarah Palin was signing books inside.

10. I was researching the Public Option.

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