Monday, March 1, 2010

Raid fallout in Dallas

The Dallas Voice has a follow up story on last June's raid on the Rainbow Lounge, a Dallas-Forth Worth gay bar.  The raid was so outrageous that three members of the TABC (Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission) were fired and the numerous apologies -- including one from the mayor -- were offered.
So why are two patrons of the club still being charged for public intoxication?  Both men were injured during the raid.  One suffered a serious brain injury that kept him hospitalized for weeks. 

Chad Gibson and George Armstrong appeared in court this week to answer misdemeanor charges.  According to Jon Nelson, an attorney and founder of Fairness Forth Worth:

Apparently with Chad, he’s being charged with public intoxication and assaulting an officer by groping him. That’s absurd.  This is the TABC officer who, according to TABC’s own rules and regulations, had no business being in there. This is the same TABC officer who couldn’t go in the Rainbow Lounge a few days earlier because there was no officer with him so he peeked in and saw a dancer in a bathing suit and was going to write it up as lewd behavior. That shows quite a bit about his state of mind. As a TABC officer, I’m sure he’s been in a number of gentlemen’s clubs. I doubt he ever wrote up a female dancer in a bathing suit and wrote her up for lewd behavior. So why was he doing that for Rainbow Lounge? I think a jury, when they hear this case, will judge his credibility. 

The two men have stated that they will not plea bargain. 

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