Monday, December 14, 2009

Who is Maggie Gallagher?

Maggie Gallagher may be the most important homophobe you've never seen in the mainstream media.  I don't use the world "homophobe" lightly, but if you understand the word to mean "fear of homosexuals," then it's hard to find a bigger homophobe than Maggie Gallagher.  She is a potent force behind NOM (National Organization for Marriage) and a leader in the opposition in the referenda to overturn legislative and judicial decisions establishing gay marriage as a civil right.

Maggie Gallagher asserts that she is not a hater or someone who is prejudiced against gay people.  This is hard to believe given her public euphoria over the California and Maine votes.  The question remains: why would someone dedicate her entire life to make sure gay couples don't marry?  I think it's one thing to uneasily vote against same-sex marriage.  It seems to be something else all together to make it your life's purpose.

I've selected a not very sensational video of Maggie Gallagher.  I've done this so you could see first hand her subtle manipulation. Notice the feigned defference to religious leaders. Notice how she forces a sense of casualness.  (Oh, I won't talk long when everyone awaits a party!)  As long as her message SEEMS casual, it is acceptable for a segment of the population to vote against gay people with the bonus of not feeling like a racist.  She assuages their fears by implying that it's no big deal.

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