Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LGBT leader assassinated in Honduras


According to reporter Doug Ireland, Walther Trochez, a 25 year old Honduran LGBT activist, was shot to death on Sunday evening.  He had already been arrested and beaten because of his sexual orientation, and had dedicated much of his time documenting government killings and other crimes against LGBT people.  According to Ireland, Trochez had been trailed for weeks by the killers who are thought to have been part of the Honduran security forces.


Trochez had recently penned an pen letter citing numerous killings of LGBT people in Honduras.  He wrote that over the past four months, "nine transexual and gay friends were violently killed, six in San Pedro Sula and three in Tegucigalpa."  He closed the letter saying that "as a revolutionary, I will always defend my people, even if it takes my life."  This proved all too prescient.


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