Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is Hillary Clinton the "fierce advocate" we've been looking for?

Quietly yet deliberately, a major supporter of LGBT issues has emerged in the Obama administration. Her name is Hillary Clinton, and some blog and websites such as have begun to make the case that she is the "fierce advocate" for LGBT people we've been looking for. In less than a year of becoming the US Secretary of State, Clinton has been a leader in promoting gay causes. Here are a few of the steps she has taken:

1. She pushed for the recognition of same-sex spouses for federal employees. And she won.

2. Shortly after she took office, the United States signed onto a UN statement calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality.

3. She was the first person in the Obama administration to speak out against the Anti-homosexuality law in Uganda.

4.On World AIDS Day, she emphasized how criminalization of homosexuality has only exacerbated the HIV pandemic

5.She declared that LGBT rights was the global human rights issue of today.

With the a number of pending laws throughout the world that could criminalize homosexuality, we need Secretary Clinton to be as forceful as ever.

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