Sunday, December 20, 2009

Washington, DC Snowstorm: Take that, says God

About the only thing that surprises me in this story (that was reported in the excellent blog MediaMatters) is that DC Mayor Fendy's signature on the gay marriage bill wasn't thrown into the mix of reasons why God would bring down his wrath on the city.

Redstate Editor Erik Erikson is reporting that "God hates the Democrats' health care deform. With funding death panels and abortions, of course the Almighty would send a snow storm or.... a snowpocalypse to shut down Washington."

The Lord works in mysterious ways, I guess. This whole heath care passage has brought out quite a few, shall we say, "fringe voices."  Chuck Norris said the other day that under this health plan, The Virgin  Mary might have had an abortion and therefore God never would have been born.  I won't address the fact that under this present health care bill, abortion is severely restricted.  Nor will I suggest that Blue Cross Blue Shield really hadn't taken down roots back then.  I'll just say Who are these people and what planet are they from?

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