Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dancing with the czars

The latest attack against Kevin Jennings is from the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia.  In addition to the many falsehoods in the editorial, the writers don't even get his name right, calling him "Keith Jennings" throughout the piece.  One accusation -- that GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) encourages underage sex -- in an insult not only to Kevin Jennings but to the many teachers (there are thousands and thousands of us) who have belonged to the organization over the years.

Calling Jennings a "czar" is an interesting word choice that feels a little like McCarthy-type accusations of communism. And Jennings isn't the only one the paper calls a "czar."  Here are a few others, taken directly from the editorial:

1. Carol Browner, Obama's energy and climate czar, (left) was a major player with a socialist group that advocated " 'global governance' and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change."

2. Science czar John Holdren (right) co-authored a textbook in the 1970s that floated the ideas of forced abortion and mass sterilization.

3. Mark Lloyd, Obama's FCC diversity czar,(left) was a fellow at the liberal Center for American Progress, and has had conservative talk radio in his crosshairs for quite some time. He thinks Venezuela is a good example of media equity. You remember Venezuela -- its dictator has quashed the free reporting of news containing even a whiff of partisan dissent.

And on and on.  I doubt that even Mother Teresa would get a pass with the right wing media, as long as President Obama named her to a post.  (I can read it now: You think she was just feeding the poor? The non-American born Mother Teresa, now the Anti-Poverty Czar, has a long history of communist tactics to redistribute wealth in India.)

Thanks to The Advocate for running the story that led me to the editorial.

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  1. The shrillness of these attacks are the very reason why they don't have any credibility except for those who already have an anti-Obama bias.

    It's totally ridiculous but they will try to keep it up to fire up the troops so to speak.