Sunday, December 20, 2009

A very short....and very outrageous video clip from the Family Research Council


  1. Hi Ken,

    Back some time ago, the FRC wrote a review of Half the house which praised the book for showing what happens to boys when we let "homosexuals" get a hold of them! Completely ignoring my explicit remarks, both in the text of the memoir in the argument with my father, and in the afterword where I decry homophobia. I tried to have them remove it from the internet, but could not. Their intellectual dishonesty, masking raw hatred, has been clear to me for a long time.

  2. Your memoir -- and the comments by Mr. Curly during that horrendous murder of his son -- made it so clear that sexual orientation had nothing to do with the abuse. I remember so clearly that scene with your father. I was actually quite in awe that you could see so clearly during such a disturbing conversation. Thanks for writing. Yet again, I missed your reading because I had the flu. One of these days, we'll see each other again, my friend!