Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good News in LGBT Politics

It's been a big month in politics for LGBT candidates.  We saw the election of the first openly gay speaker of a state assembly in California in Juan Pérez (left).  This is a huge moment in LGBT political history.

yeagerIt would be a shame if the significance of Mr. Pérez's appointment overshadowed two other political breakthroughs.  Evan Low (right) became the youngest Asian American mayor in the country as well as the youngest openly gay mayor when he became mayor of Campbell, California on December 2.  California stepped up to the plate again when openly gay Ken Yeager (left) was named president of the Board of Supervisors in Santa Clara.

And let's not forget that Alex Wan and Simone Bell both won their runoffs in Atlanta earlier this month, capturing seats in the legislature and on the city council.

Today, however, may be the biggest prize of all as Annise Parker (right)tries to rise above what many consider an election filled with homophobia to become Mayor of Houston.   If she wins, she will be the first openly gay mayor to lead a top-ten city in the United States.  Polls on Friday showed her pulling ahead, but given the tenor of the campaign, anything could happen.  I'll publish results here as soon as I get them.

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