Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where Are the Democrats?

I just learned via Americablog that a branch of the Democratic National Committee sent an email to all Maine voters asking them to call their friends in New Jersey for the Democratic incumbent governor. And not one word about ballot question number 1!  I find this pretty outrageous.  They want Mainers to support a politician from New Jersey but they can't stand up for gay people -- a very large constituency group in the party?  And why did the Democratic National Committee ignore a request for funds to help defeat the ballot question?  I can't wait until the DNC calls me for more money and I tell them exactly why I won't give.

Fingers crossed for this evening in any case!


  1. Your outrage is certainly warranted. But why wait for them to callyou??? Send thema scathingmissive...or a link to your blog.
    Keeping fingers crossed as well.