Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Obligatory "Let's Look At the Big Picture" Blog Entry

Well, I was not surprised this morning.  Maine became the 30th state to either ban same-sex marriage or overturn a court of legislative decision that had supported it.  I find myself this morning doing what has become an almost yearly ritual the day after the election: trying to see the big picture and to find silver linings.  Although this  is getting harder and harder to do, I must take another stab at it:

1. Ten years ago, no one would ever have believed that almost 50% of a state would support same-sex marriage.

2. The margin of victory in Maine and California for same-sex marriage opponents was slim.  And younger voters in both states were solid supporters of same-sex marriage.  Time is on our side.

3. The voters of Washington State seem to have passed (it's not official yet) what is essentially a civil unions bill last night.  Remember the uproar of Vermont's civil unions bill not that long ago?  Civil unions have become an accepted part of the social landscape.  Marriage will follow.

4. As of today, five states offer same-sex marriage licenses.

5. A number of openly gay candidates won elections last night.

6. The city of Kalamazoo passed an anti-discrimination ordinance that includes transgendered Americans.

7. The far right of the Republican Party was dealt a huge loss in New York's congressional race in the 27th district.  Republicans have held that seat since the Civil War.  A Democrat now holds it.

8. The Maine vote was not a vote to amend the constitution, and it is within the power of the legislature to pass another same-sex marriage law.

9. Every time there is a vote on marriage, more and more people get to know LGBT people.  This can only be good.

10.  There's always Canada.