Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maryland Voters Now Favor Same Sex Marriage

Here's some good news from Out Loud News in Maryland.  I've condensed the story:

A Washington Post poll released on May 11 shows that same-sex marriage is gaining among Maryland voters.  The poll, conducted May 3-6, finds that 46 percent overall favor legal same-sex marriage, 44 percent oppose it, and 10 percent have no opinion. Among registered voters, 48 percent are in favor and 43 percent are opposed, according to the Post.  By contrast, in late 2007, an identical Post poll question found 44 percent in favor overall and 51 percent opposed.

The margin widens when it comes to recognition of out-of-state marriages involving gay and lesbian couples.  By a margin of 55 percent to 38 percent, Marylanders approve such recognition. In response to these numbers, Equality Maryland executive director, Morgan Meneses-Sheets said, "The new polling data released by the Washington Post is a huge, public step forward for marriage equality in Maryland." She continued, "As the article indicates, a clear majority consensus is building across the state, not just in support of out-of-state same-sex marriage recognition, but for full marriage equality for lgbt couples."

The Post poll indicates "a notable dip in opposition to legalizing same-sex marriage among African-Americans since the last Post poll. Blacks in Maryland are now nearly equally divided over the issue."