Friday, June 4, 2010

Another example of religious intolerance

As you know, there are organizations in Iowa who are doing everything in their power to overrule the Iowa Supreme Court's decision to allow same-sex marriages in the state.  One of those groups is the Iowa Family Policy Center, a Christian organization led by Chuck Hurley.  (Don't you love how these groups always claim the word "family" as their own?)  Jason Hancock of the Iowa Independent has written a story that highlights yet again where the real intolerance lies in this debate.  According to Hancock:
Chuck Hurley (left), president of the politically influential Christian organization Iowa Family Policy Center, says any religious leader who supports legalized same-sex marriage is “confused at best and blatantly evil at worst.”

The statement comes in response to demands that Hurley retract an earlier statement calling members of the pro-marriage equity Iowa Interfaith Alliance “pseudo pastors.”

Iowa Interfaith Alliance delivered a letter to legislators during the 2010 General Assembly signed by more than 150 religious leaders in Iowa who support marriage rights for same-sex couples, which Hurley refers to as “state-sanctioned sodomy.”

“Yesterday, I said that I believe a pseudo pastor, meaning anyone who would knowingly lead their flock astray on issues of morality and spirituality, and so clearly violate the revealed Word of God, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a false shepherd,” Hurley said, later adding: “In my opinion, those who signed their name to the Interfaith Alliance petition in support of state sanctioned sodomy are not only wolves in sheep’s clothing, but they are blind leaders of the blind.”

He called on members of the Interfaith Alliance to “repent, turn to Christ, and join us in showing genuine concern for both the physical and the spiritual wellbeing of those caught up in the destructive sin of homosexuality.”

Connie Ryan Terrell, executive director of the Iowa Interfaith Alliance, responded immediately.

“Mr. Hurley is blatantly disrespectful of the many clergy from across Iowa who are supportive of marriage equality simply because he believes differently,” she said. “Mr. Hurley, who is not a pastor, has every right to his belief, as do the clergy who signed our letter in February and other clergy from across the state who support marriage equality.”

Terrell said Hurley has no business proclaiming who should and should not call themselves pastor.

“It is inappropriate and uncivil for Mr. Hurley to do so,” she said. “He should retract and apologize for his statement that clearly has no place in this public discussion.”

Can't wait to read about the ensuing scandal that seems to go hand-in-hand with folks who are so irrationally and intolerantly "Christian."

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