Monday, April 26, 2010

What if.....

Michael Jones of has an interesting story about a basketball coach.  Here's part of it:

If it's your first day of basketball practice, and you're just about to meet your new coach, what would you say if this was the first thing out of your coach's mouth?

"I’m a Christian that happens to be a coach. … My values are very important to me. … I’m very blessed to have my staff here. This is something very unique, I think, for Division I women’s basketball to have a staff that the entire staff is married with kids. Family is important to us and we live it every day."

If you were religious, particularly Christian, you might be very pleased that a coach shares your values. But what if you're a member of a different religion, or non-religious? What about if you're gay?

Those are just a few questions being raised after the University of Missouri introduced their brand new women's basketball coach, Robin Pingeton, and these were her welcoming words for her players and her staff. On the surface, it seems as if Pingeton is counting her lucky stars that her entire staff is heterosexually married, and that she's going to bring to her coaching game a heavy dose of Christianity.
I started thinking: can you imagine the uproar if a coach introduced herself this way?

I’m an atheist that happens to be a coach. … I'm also married to a woman.  And as far as I know, the entire staff is married in a few of the states that allow gay marriage.  Being gay is important to us
and we live it every day.

I only changed a few words here.  How fast do you think this coach would be called into an office and reprimanded?

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