Monday, April 26, 2010

The double standard of the far right wing

After the Governor of Arizona signed a bill that requires Arizonans to carry papers to prove their citizenship, I began to wonder why all those folks supporting the bill weren't actually opposing it.  They should have been enraged!  Weren't these the same folks who protested the health care bill because the government would be too intrusive?  And really, who could possibly say that the health care bill is more intrusive than forcing people to carry identification papers wherever they go?  Then I started thinking: what are the double standards of the right wing? 

1. They support a law that requires Arizonans to carry papers (or else risk jail time), but they think making sure Americans get health care is giving the government far to big a role.  Hmm.  Seth Myers on Saturday Night Live said that there's never been a movie about Nazis that didn't include the words, "Papers, please."  I'd like to add that there's never been a movie about Nazis that did include, "Do you have health care?"

2. They are outraged over economic help for families with young children (far too much government intervention), but urge the government to control women's bodies by outlawing abortion.

3. They want people to carry papers on them at all time, but they see the census -- which basically asks name, address and family circumstances -- as far too intrusive of government.  They refuse to fill out one sheet of paper while demanding that others carry them at all times.

4. They would protest like crazy if the government limited their right to divorce, but protest like crazy to make sure that same government outlaws same-sex marriages.

5. They get all worked up over the very idea of background checks to carry handguns, but insist that the government do background checks on people based on their race in Arizona.

 6. They think the Supreme Court is too interventionist when it comes to issues like same-sex marriage and abortion, but were only too happy to let the court decide that George Bush won an election.

7. They oppose the health care bill but embrace medicare -- the ultimate health care public option -- when they reach retirement age.

I know these assumptions aren't true of all those on the right wing, but they are true of many.  The bottom line is this: they'll support government intrusion if it is intruding on someone else, but will scream like hell if the government asks them to do the  even the tiniest thing, like fill out a census form.

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