Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We pay for this.....

Because churches do not pay taxes, every taxpayer in the country subsidizes offensive campaigns like this.  I thought churches weren't supposed to take sides in elections?  This story is from aol.news.

If you are on a drive in Gainesville, Fla., cruising down Northwest 37th Street, you might be a little surprised at a handwritten sign on the front lawn of the Dove World Outreach Center. It reads: "No homo mayor."

Who would put up such an unpleasant message on the grass outside a Christian church? The culprit: Pastor Terry Jones. It seems that Pastor Jones is more than a little upset that an openly gay city commissioner is seeking the mayor's office in a runoff election this month.
 Ah, yes.  The un-Christian Christianity is becoming a religion unto itself.  Here are some other words of wisdom from Rev. Jones:

On Homosexuality:
“One man climbing up on another man and poking him is not God’s way.”
On Evolution:
“All of those pictures in textbooks where it shows the ape developing into a man, those are not true. Those are made up. There is no development that has been found. And if evolution was a fact, then we would somehow still be developing…When something is something, it stays that.”
On Evolution:

 “A dog will never have puppy horses.” 
On the Church:
“The church is actually what I would call...it is in a retarded stage. The church has stayed about six years old. About six or eight years old. Now that’s all fine when you’re that old, but if you stay six when you’re sixty, then what do we call that? We call that retarded.”

On Muslims:
“In France in 39 years, France will become an Islam republic.”

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