Monday, April 12, 2010

Same Sex Marriage in Iowa

As Iowa celebrates a year of same-sex marriage, Republican candidates for governor of the state are making marriage equality a campaign issue.  One candidate even went so far as to sa he would issue an executive order stopping all marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  (I don't know the Iowa constitution, but this sounds like it might be easier said than done.)  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come as the Republicans try to gain seats in the House and the Senate this fall.  This hateful strategy worked in 2004.  I was hoping that we'd seen the last of it.

The Iowa City Press Citizen Herald recently ran a story on the topic.  They report that LGBT groups are not taking anything for granted.  "We take our freedoms very seriously.  We are committed to going across the state and providing information," said Caroyl Jenison, Executive Director of One Iowa.  "There are people dedicated to removing those rights, and we need to balance our voices with theirs."

We obviously need to keep telling our stories over and over again.

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