Friday, April 16, 2010

Gainsville, Florida elects gay mayor

 Equality Florida is reporting that Craig Lowe was elected Mayor of Gainesville and became the first ever gay mayor of a North Florida city.

As we saw in the Houston mayoral race, anti-gay wingnuts pulled out all the stops to try to keep a gay candidate from winning. A local church even posted a "No Homo Mayor" billboard on their front lawn.

It didn't work in Houston and it didn't work in Gainesville.

Craig Lowe sent a special thanks to the entire Equality Team for helping make this victory possible:
"I would like to thank Equality Florida Action PAC for their tremendous help in my race. Not only did they endorse my candidacy early on, they also served as a watchdog against the lies about my campaign and put people on the ground to help get our message out to voters."
 This is good news.

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