Thursday, March 18, 2010

If you're going to play that game, Representative Bachmann....

Pam Spaulding over at Pam's House Blend is reporting that the always irrational Representative Michelle Bachmann (left) is calling on people to refuse to pay taxes if they don't like the health care bill that may very well pass.

How patriotic.

I started thinking: maybe I shouldn't pay taxes.  After all, my reasons are a bit more compelling than a bill that would keep millions of Americans from getting sick.

1. I am against the war.  I am against the killing of thousands of innocent people.

2. I am against churches that don't pay taxes and then spend millions in campaigns to deny LGBT people the right to marry.

3. I don't like it that billions of dollars go to war: money that could be used for education and to lift up people out of poverty.  (Oh, I forgot.  That would break the budget.)

4. I'm upset that if my husband should die, I will not get his social security benefits because the federal government doesn't recognize our marriage.  The federal government will also heavily tax whatever he leaves to me.

5. I am furious that The Patriot Act infringes on my civil liberties.

6. I am saddened that while libraries close due to budget cuts, our government decides to attack a country under under false pretenses.  Our leaders lied.

7. I shouldn't have paid taxes in 2000 when my choice for President won the popular vote but was declared the loser by activist judges.

8. I disagree with the decision of our government to support nuclear power.  I believe it is a matter if life and death.

9. I don't think I should pay taxes because, if I chose to, I could not serve in the military because of who I am.

10. Maybe I should withhold my taxes because I'm not wild about the health care bill because it doesn't contain a pubic option.  This would save more lives and lower costs for Americans.

What were you saying, Michelle?

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