Thursday, March 18, 2010

DADT Protest in front of the White House

Queerty has just reported that Lt. Dan Choi (left), who was dismissed from the army for being gay, has chained himself to the fence in front of the White House.  Writes the bloggers at Queerty:

So today's Human Rights Campaign rally in D.C., happening right now after the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings wrapped, was supposed to be a feel good event with Kathy Griffin. Then Lt. Dan Choi bounded on to the stage after Griffin, told her that Don't Ask Don't Tell is not a joke, and says he's going to the White House to, uh, chain himself to the fence to protest the law that might get him kicked out of the military. Tweets reporter Kerry Eleveld: "This does not sound like it was part of the HRC script." Maybe not but it was certainly planned: "According to this source, who is close to Lt. Choi, a number of people tried to talk him out of his plan. With the repeal underway and the study going full throttle, it is a delicate time in the repeal of DADT. This means that anything that could be seen as being problematic or aggrandizing or taking this issue less than seriously could bolster the position of those in opposition to the MREA and make passage that much more difficult."

I say, "Go, Dan."  We've been patient for decades.  Thanks for your courageous stand.

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