Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Apples Really Don't Fall Far from the Trees

On Top Magazine  is reporting that some students and parents have decided to hold a private prom rather than attend the prom with Derrick Martin in attendance.  Bleckley County High School gave Derrick permission to take his boyfriend to the prom.  Derrick's parents subsequently kicked him out of the house.

“It's not just his prom, it's my prom too and everybody else's at the school,” Amber Duskin, a student at the school, said.

“I'm going to speak out,” Amber's father, Bobby Duskin, said. “Because I'm a father, and I'm proud to be a father and I'm going to look out for my kids no matter what and I'm going to stand up for them no matter what.”

(Question for you, Dad.  Just what are you looking out for?  The safety of your daughter?  Just how is your daughter going to be affected by Derrick's attendance?)

Said one anonymous source, “You sit here and you tell me that if somebody walked up to you and you've already paid all your money to go to a prom that you've waited 11 years to go to and it's a sacred event and somebody walks in and says 'Oh, I'm gay, I'm going to do a walk through with another guy.'”

(A question for you, anonymous: Again, just how is this going to ruin your evening?  You don't need to sit next to him, do you?  You don't have to stare at him and his boyfriend all night, do you?  Maybe you might not have a good time because your bigoted rage will get to you?)

Reporter Kimberley Newman at WGXA, a local news source, began her piece on the issue: “A gay high school student in Bleckley County is defying the community's wishes and bringing his boyfriend to the prom.”

(Kimberly, why not start with: Community's bigotry creates tension of one gay couple attending prom?)

And one final question:  Just how are you all going to explain your behavior to your children and grandchildren?  Maybe you won't.  Maybe you'll conveniently forget your role in perpetuating hate.  And yes, refusing to attend a prom because you don't like what (not who) a person is, is, in my book, hate.


  1. Another important, poignant blog, Ken.
    Thank you!

  2. I don't think its a case of hate on the part of the girl.

    In fact, I think its the opposite: She just can't stand to see her crush going to the prom with a dude.