Friday, February 19, 2010

MLK Day will remain that way in Utah

A few minutes ago the Desert News posted this story:

Ogden gunmaker John Browning won't share a state holiday with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. 
"We don't want to go where we're not wanted," said Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain. "I had an idea to honor an international icon and a favorite son of Utah and got backed into race politics."
After the proposal surfaced Wednesday, local NAACP leader Jeanetta Williams said it was "a very mean-spirted act" to consider honoring a gun manufacturer on the same day as King, who was shot and killed by an assassin.
 Love the spin on this one.  A white legislator chooses to present a bill to share the birthday of America's most prominent and influential African-American with a gun manufacturer.  Never mind the King was killed by a gun.  Never mind that he embodied non-violence.  It's Senator Mark Madsen who has been "backed into race politics."  Yea.  That sort of happens when you are so overtly racist.

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