Friday, February 19, 2010

I really have no words that would suffice here.

Thanks to Joe.My.God for bringing my attention to this story in the Salt Lake City Tribune:

A plan is circulating under the radar in the Utah State Senate to share the holiday honoring civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., shot to death in 1968, with one of the country's most famous gun makers. 
The plan is to rename the holiday, which falls on the third Monday of January, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr./John M. Browning Day, adding the gun manufacturer whose birthday also falls in January.

A bill titled "John M. Browning State Holiday" was submitted at the deadline for filings, Feb. 5, sponsored by Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Lehi.

 I actually have no words right now.


  1. I have words. One word: CANADA.

  2. Believe me, after we read this this morning, that was the first word out of our mouths.