Friday, February 5, 2010

A minor victory is still a victory (and a number of other sites and publications) is reporting that a proposal to declare same-sex marriages illegal in Maryand has been rejected.  According to the site:

Same-sex marriage is currently not legal in Maryland, but the proposal was considered to be a pre-emptive strike or pro-active measure against the legal opinion of state Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler that same-sex marriages which occur in states where they are legal be recognized in Maryland
Burns stated his concern stems from the growing number of nearby states and Washington D.C. who have legalized same-sex marriage and felt it necessary for Maryland to close what he referred to as a legal loophole, which could possibly lead to full legalization of same-sex marriage in the state
However, the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee voted 12-8 to toss the measure which essentially killed the bill.
So for now, at least, if you are an LGBT couple married in one of the few states that will marry you, Maryland will recognize your union.

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