Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just chalk this one up to meanness...or yet another reason why some people call it hate is reporting that Senator Bob Bennet from Utah (left)  is leading eight other senators in a movement to block same-sex marriages in Washington, DC:

Senator Bob Bennett of Utah, a Republican, introduced the bill on Tuesday. It calls to postpone the scheduled effective date of the original bill until voters have a chance to decide on whether or not gay marriage should be legal in Washington, DC. To contact Senator Bennett and express your opinion on the issue, visit his website at
     The original bill was passed by the DC City Council in December and is currently slated to go into effect in March. However, because Washington is a federal district and not a state, Congress has the final say on all laws within its boundaries. The gay marriage bill is currently under a state of congressional review, allowing Senator Bennett to introduce his own plan. A fellow Republican in the House, Representative Jason Chaffetz, has filed similar legislation in the lower branch of Congress.

A similar bill has been written in the House.  But here's the catch: the bills have virtually no chance of even reaching the floor.  The Democratic leadership, who controls the legislative agenda, have promised as much.  This begs the question: Why on earth write these bills?  Is it just a way to say we don't like what you're doing, gay people, so we at least want to make it as unpleasant as we can?

Sounds like pure meanness to me.  And it's another reason why some folks call the anti-marriage equality movement hateful. 

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