Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why Catholics in Portugal Won't Fight Against Gay Marriage

It sounds so simple, such a logical way to deal with the issue of gay marriage if you are the Catholic Church and don't believe in same-sex marriage.  Just ignore it.  The blog Gay Agenda reports that that's exactly how Portuguese Catholics are addressing the issue.   Since only sacramental marriage is recognized by the Catholic Church, to church leaders civil marriage is not a marriage.  Anyone with a civil marriage is simply cohabiting, not married.  And anyone cohabiting -- gay or straight -- is not seen as married.  So these civil marriages are all treated equally by the church -- they aren't recognized.   As Gay Agenda writes, "As it (the  church) has not resisted the opposite-sex variety (of civil marriage), then to be consistent, it should likewise not oppose the same sex-variety – unless it wishes to confirm that its motivation is based in sheer bigotry."

I certainly don't care if the Catholic Church doesn't recognize my marriage.  My own church does and my state government does.   Once my federal government recognizes all same-sex marriages, I have no interest in interfering in any religious group's beliefs.

Why is something so simple and logical hard for many Americans to grasp?  Or is it that religion really isn't the motivation behind resistance to same-sex marriage?

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