Friday, January 8, 2010

Congressional Republicans add their voices to stop same-sex marriage in Washington, DC

 The Washington Post reports that Republican Congressional leaders are uniting with local anti-equality activists in an attempt to have the court block same-sex marriage in Washington, DC.  At issue is whether or not the city should have a referendum on the same-sex marriage.  The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics has already ruled that a vote on the matter would be discriminatory and therefore should not be on the ballot.  The court case alleges that this was not within the board's jurisdiction.

The interference of these Congressional Republicans has sparked outrage, and not just over the specific issue of same-sex marriage.  Some expressed the irony in the members of Congress -- nearly all of whom have actively opposed voting rights for DC residents -- suddenly support the rights of DC citizens.

Sultan Shakir (left) , of the Human Rights Campaign, noted, "It is ironic that nearly all of the 30 representatives and senators that signed the brief have done everything in their power before to deny voting rights to D.C. residents. I don't know if they have had a sudden change of heart on D.C. voting rights or, more likely, they are just playing politics and once again meddling in home rule."

It's uncertain which way he court will decide.  If they decide in favor of the opponents of same-sex marriage,  get ready for another nasty referendum on the civil rights of a group of Americans.

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