Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Rush to the altar...and what are you thinking, Elton?

Over the weekend Rush Limgaugh celebrated his love of traditional marriage by having his fourth.  No surprise there.  What was surprising was the entertainment for the wedding.  Why did he agree to do this gig?  I doubt he needed the million dollars.  Here's what chicagopride.com says about the situation:

Despite the anti-gay rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh, Sir Elton John has reportedly performed to the 400 wedding guests of the conservative radio commentator.

According to People magazine, Limbaugh reportedly hired Elton John for $1 million to perform at his lavish Hawaiian-themed Florida ceremony on Saturday.

The 59-year-old Limbaugh married 33 year-old Kathryn Rogers. This is the fourth wedding for Limbaugh, who actively speaks out against gay marriage in support of traditional marriage.

The Limbaugh and openly gay Elton John pairing is odd considering the singer's longtime commitment to gay rights.  Elton John married his partner David Furnish four years ago.

An editorial posted on Queerty.com says Elton John should be shamed for taking the cash. "There are reasonable things the LGBT community can do to disavow support for people who make a career out of gay baiting, and there are unreasonable things," says the editorial.

"It will be Rush who writes out the check to Elton for the seven-figure sum; money that, let's all face, Elton doesn't really need. And even if his intention was to donate the cash to a LGBT youth group, it's already bloody money, and tainted."

There has been no comment from Elton John about accepting Limbaugh's invitation nor his intentions for the money.

Some of the most famous guests were Karl Rove, Fred Thompson, Sean Hannity, Rudolph Guiliana, James Carville, and Mary Matalin.

Elton John and Karl Rove at the same party?  I have no words.

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