Friday, May 14, 2010

What should be banned on Arizona classrooms

Just when you thought it was as bad as it could get in Arizona, along comes another anti-immigrant, anti-American bill that  Governor Jane Brewer (right, far right)  signed this week.

Ethnic studies classes are now officially banned in Arizona public schools.

That's too bad because I'm sure that means you can't study the presidency before the election of Barack Obama.  I mean, what's more ethnic than over 200 years of white men?

And let's not forget the ancient Romans and Greeks.   Actually, let's forget them.  No classes on them, either.  After all, wouldn't studying Greek civilization be an ethnic studies class?

And a course on the pilgrims?  Far too ethnic, that group.

No British history, I assume.

And don't even think about a class on the Supreme Court.  With three exceptions, that group has been predominantly white.  And with four exceptions, that group has been predominantly male.

A course on the Vikings? Nope.

And let's nix that course on Arizona Governors Since Statehood.

The class on American  Authors at Sea is gone, too.  Moby Dick? The Old Man and the Sea?  Spartina? No more White Men in Boats.

And if you are even allowed to teach The Holocaust, you'll now have to give equal time to the Germans.  It's the only way to teach about ethnic cleansing when ethnic studies are illegal.

Thou shall not be permitted to study the Irish Famine.

Or the French Revolution.

The following authors, who generally wrote about one ethnic group, are now banned from the library:

         William Shakespeare
         Anton Chekov
         Eugene O'Neil
         Charles Dickens

Just to name a few.

Wait a minute.  I have it all wrong.  Now I understand what Governor Jane Brewer means by ethnic.  It's anyone who isn't a white, Christian American.  Just like she is.



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