Monday, May 17, 2010

Please, President Obama

This message is from Americablog

The Department of Energy has just appointed Jonathan I. Katz, an avowed "proud homophobe" who blames gays for AIDS, to an elite scientific panel that is assisting British Petroleum with the oil spill disaster in the Gulf.  Here is what Jonathan I. Katz had to say about the "innocent victims" of AIDS:

"These people died so the sodomites could feel good about themselves."

Won't you please join us in asking President Obama to fire this bigot?

While we all agree that our country should use our best minds to address this catastrophe, it is difficult to believe that the Obama administration could not find anyone other than a man who proudly authored an essay titled "In Defense of Homophobia."  This homophobe is not, as Energy Secretary Chu recently said of Katz, one "of our best scientific minds."  He is a bigot who should not be elevated by the President of the United States as a representative of the best minds in America.

President Obama would never appoint a "proud racist" or a "proud anti-Semite" to a panel of experts, and showcase him as one of the best minds in our country, and he shouldn't appoint a proud homophobe either.  Please use this form to add your name to a public letter asking President Obama to fire Jonathan I. Katz.  Then forward this email to your friends.

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