Monday, May 24, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Announces Run for Governor

We should never forget New York Governor Patterson's support of gay marriage even as he steps down from the governor's seat next year.   He was there when we needed him.

Still, we are very lucky that Andrew Cuomo has annouced his candidacy for the governorship of New York.  What was rare about his announcement was that he cited gay marriage as one of his top priorities in his announcement.  We get so used to politicians dancing around the issue or trying to sweep our rights under the rug, that it's a breath of fresh air to hear politicians like Cuomo.

Here's some of what Michael Boyajian of the Huffington Post said about Cuomo's announcement:

Same sex marriage advocates have been fighting to advance marriage equality in New York State after the debacle in the state's senate last year by reaching out to the public, fielding senate candidates and by raising money.

Now comes a burst of fresh energy from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo who in his battle cry online campaign kick-off announcement chose marriage equality as one of the select issues of his candidacy bringing hope to civil rights proponents across the state and nationally.

In the announcement he decries the delinquency of Albany vowing to straighten out the mess that has been years in the making and that is really the crux of the problem because but for the floundering in the senate marriage equality would be the law today in the state.

Cuomo who made big changes while President Bill Clinton's HUD secretary and fought Wall Street king-pins and other corporate rip off artists as attorney general brings a take charge can do attitude to the position of Governor unseen since his father Mario Cuomo's three terms in office and Nelson Rockefeller's four terms when under both New York was truly the progressive Empire State and a beacon of hope for millions of people.

Cuomo knows it's not enough to merely say you support an issue that you have to also work hard Lyndon Johnson style to see it through to fruition.  His proactive background raises the morale of New York's battling gay community at a time when support for marriage equality is gaining momentum even in religious circles.   Many believe that the dynamic Cuomo brings to the table will be enough to push the legislation over its final hurdle in the senate.

Critics, who also happen to oppose marriage equality, accuse him of being an insider having been a director of his father's administration.  But one must remember that though he might be an insider he fights like an outsider giving him the advantages of both those on the inside and outside in this the first salvo of the march to the first Tuesday in November.

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