Monday, March 8, 2010

An acknowledgement from State Senator Roy Ashburn

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that State Senator Roy Ashburn (right), who was arresed on DUI charges after leaving a gay nighclub with an unidentified man, has acknowledged that he is gay. 
"I'm gay," Ashburn told Inga  Banks of KERN radio  in an interview this morning.  "Those are the words  that have been so difficult for me for so long."
Does Ashburn  have any regrets about voting against every single piece of gay rights legislation that came before him?  Apparently not.  He says his votes were a reflection of how the voters in his district would have wanted him to vote.
Geoff Kors (left), Executive Director of Equality California, sees things a different way, calling Ashburn's comments "a lame excuse."  He went on to say that legislators from Ashburn's area have voted for LGBT rights in the past.  "It seems that there have been a number of politicians who seem so concerned that it (being gay) will impact their carers that they not only hide, they vote against LBGT rights to squash rumors about their sexual orientation."

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