Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A quote from Barney Frank, and a website

"Recently, Liberty University, the college founded by Jerry Falwell, named me as one of the ten liberals most in need of prayer through the school's new "Adopt-a-Liberal" program. Participants are supposed to pray for liberals to be "quiet and peaceable." This strikes me as somewhat hypocritical because Reverend Falwell was the opposite of quiet and peaceable. This is a man who said Tinky Winky was gay, and that the terrible things that had happened in America were a punishment because the country wasn't sufficiently anti-gay. He conjured up a vengeful and vindictive God, who hurt innocent people because other people did things with which Reverend Falwell disagreed. This is a distortion of what I understand to be the meaning of prayer."


Yes, this "adopt a liberal" website does exist.  Take a look and see who's on it:

adopt a liberal prayer program

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