Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bay Windows Endorses Mike Capuano for Senator

New England's largest LGBT newspaper, Bay Windows, has endorsed Mike Capuano as the Democratic nominee for senator of Massachusetts..  The primary election -- to be held next Tuesday -- is for the seat Ted Kennedy once held.  Most LGBT organizations have endorsed Atty General Martha Coakey.  She's also a terrific candidate.  In fact, all four democratic candidates are good choices.

I happen not to agree with the majority of the LGBT organizations who endorse Coakely.  I think she's terrific and will be very happy to vote for her in the finals.   But I'm supporting Mike Capuano because I really want passion.  I want someone who's as angry as I am about some issues. (Okay, angry for me isn't terribly the angry, but still...) I love that Mike has supported causes long before they were popular.  He voted against Iraq War.  Against the Patriot Act.  He has always been against the death penalty.  I love that he was one of a handful of people to come to a demonstration against the passing of Prop 8 in California to cheer us on.  I love that as a Congressman he can step in tomorrow and not miss a beat in the senate.

I would have preferred if LGBT organizations had felt free to endorse two candidates or give us "score cards" of each one.  It felt wrong to me that such an ally as Capuano was shut out of major LGBT endorsements until now.

But I suspect I'll  be happy primary night no matter who wins. I'll just be happier if Capuano does.


  1. For me it almost seems like picking the least of 4 evils. I was in Coakley's camp for a while, but she pissed me off with her opinion on the Patriot Act and misinformation about the decriminalisation of marijuana (in the debate on Tuesday). However, they all need to stop trying to live up to Kennedy. Kennedy was amazing, but he's dead. They need to take stances because they believe in it, not because Kennedy did.

  2. I agree completely. The Patriot Act answer from Coakley disturbed me. I was originally for Coakley, too. Finally I decided that Capuano votes with his conscience and doesn't care about the effect on his career. And he's pretty angry right now about a lot of things: the war, the push against same-sex marriage, the Patriot Act, etc. etc. And you're also right that they need to step away from Kennedy. No one could replace him. Thanks for responding!