Monday, December 20, 2010

A War on Christmas?

I don't know about you, but I was pretty angry when, after President Obama noted that Congress might have to work through Christmas, some Republicans balked, saying that this was another example of "The War on Christmas."  Wow.  I started thinking about the people -- many of whom, I assume, are Christians - have to work on Christmas Day (which President Obama wasn't even proposing):

            • Nurses
            • Fire fighters
            • Police
            • Soldiers
            • Doctors
            • EMT workers
            • Servers/cooks in restaurants
            • Toll workers
            • Workers in convenient stores
            • Gas station attendants

Are you kidding me?  If these people have to work during the holidays, why are you the exception?  Or are you just trying to promote the idea that our president isn't Christian? (And, of course, it shouldn't matter if he isn't Christian.)



  1. Soldiers definitely know there is a war on Christmas.

  2. Great point. And a war on every other day, too.

  3. They just think those people haven't earned the "right" to spend Christmas with their families like they have.