Monday, October 11, 2010

It's time to be outraged

This week brought more news about the deadly effects of homophobia.  Yet another gay teen killed himself, this time after he attended a town meeting in his hometown in which residents debated whether or not to recognize gay history month.  While there were supporters at the meeting, the teen had to listen to three hours of gay bashing.

The New York Times ran a front page story on Sunday about the brutal physical torture of a gay man in New York City for seven hours by eight gang members.  The torture was so horrific that I could barely finish reading the story.

During this time -- and we can't forget the Rutgers student -- the following people/corporations decided to do the following:

• Walmart is now carrying a book for teens by a far right group that teaches about the evils of homosexuality.

•The Republican candidate for Governor of New York went on an anti-gay rant.  Reports CNN:

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino criticized gays Sunday, saying he didn't want children "to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option," compared to heterosexuality. "It isn't," Paladino said at a stop in Brooklyn, New York.
A prepared version of his remarks obtained by CNN from New York affiliate NY1 said that "There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual," though Paladino did not wind up delivering that line.
"That's not how (God) created us," the prepared remarks continued, though Paladino did not say those words.
• The Republican candidate for Senator of California released an ad in Spanish attacking gay rights in the hopes of winning over Catholic Latino voters.

• A leader of the Mormon Church preached that homosexuality was akin to an unhealthy addiction.

The list goes on.  When are we going to hold people like this accountable for making gay kids fell like they are worthless?  When are we going to say, "enough is enough"?  When are we going to finally break the silence and state very clearly that these people have blood on their hands?

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