Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An interesting take on the DADT court decision

Here's a compilation of clips on how the DADT decision is being covered. One story notes that the Obama Administration has said that it is legally obligated to defend DADT. Many, many legal experts disagree, as does history. There have been a number of decisions that Presidents have chosen not defend. We need leadership and courage Mr. Obama. And we need it now. is a news analyzer, not a news aggregator. It looks at how different news organizations throughout the world are covering a story, and it then condenses the information to produce a short broadcast that encourages viewers to form their own opinions on an issue.


  1. The younger generation no longer accepts things at face value. They question, they really think about a subject,that is what scares Washington now.
    We expect the highest ideals from service personnel yet to stay in the service we must tell them they have to lie. WE demand truthful answers from them. With DADT how can they do both?
    When I entered the USAF, I didn't leave my Constitutional rights on the floor of basic training center office. I was subject to UCMJ which I consider violates a number of the protections of the Bill of rights. Like a jury of my peers and Pentagon control of the court decision. I have to judge what is a "lawful" order on my own against a superior officer. In war, that gets you shot on the spot! But today younger gen. are comfortable with themselves not to panic if a gay person is in their unit. Before this Vietnam draftees hadn't seen a black or Hispanic or American Indian or Eskino outside a book.
    What does a gay look like, anyway? Or a bisexual. Does that get you half way discharged?

    Pres. Obama can even tell SecDef/ SecNavy/ SecAArmy/ SecUSAF/ SecTrans(coasties)to suspend all DADT discharges or issue an Executive Order suspending all DADT discharges based needs of the government to keep those with critical skills. We have lost Nurses pilots, Arabic, Iranian, Korean language experts, computer whizzes, you name the skill lost, we cant afford the loss. Other countries services function without the imagined problems. Harry Truman issued an order to integrate the military and was told of all the problems that happen.
    But they never materialized.

  2. Agree 100%. Obama didn't even have to issue an executive order to stop DADT. He simply could have refused to appeal the court decision. He was not legally obliged to do so, yet he did.

    Thanks very much for your post.