Thursday, September 30, 2010


This story is heartbreaking.  A freshman at Rutgers was secretly taped by two other Rutgers students having sex with a man.  They then streamed the video on the Internet for all to see.  The young man then killed himself, jumping off the George Washington Bridge.  One of the students even tweeted that he had taped this young man having sex with another man.

While I'm glad The Today Show has covered this story, they seem to have completely ignored that this happened to two men being intimate, as if this might not had have anything to do with the taping.  I think they need to dig deeper.  It sounds like the fact that this was male/male encounter might very well have been a factor in this crime.  Could this be a hate crime?

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  1. Yes, this does indeed break my heart. Ugh! I shall write about this in our independent campus newspaper.